Mummenschanz: Dazzling Physical Theater for the Whole Family

* Mummenschanz

Tuesday, January 19, 7:00 pm

Fuller Hall, St. Johnsbury Academy

Reserved seating: $54, $44, $29, $15. Gold Circle $64. Seniors $3 off.



“Never fails to surprise and delight those lucky enough to be in attendance, whether they are seeing it for the very first time or for the twenty-seventh.” – Judd Hollander, The New York Times


“It’s the mark of their artistry that you scarcely think about the impossible maneuvers — most invisible to the audience — they’ve just done.” – Jeffrey Gantz, The Boston Globe


Delighting and beguiling audiences of all ages with their visual/physical theater performances for more than 40 years, Mummenschanz are world-renowned pioneers of the genre. They use props, masks, shadow, light, and humor – all without words – to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and to convey stories with broad human appeal. In a world with so much noise, it is perhaps the non-verbal aspect that most engages and resonates with audience members. Dazzling, inspiring, witty and joyful, this live Mummenschanz experience is sure to find a place on your family’s “Best of 2016” list.